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In 2020, we will open on May 15 for those who are ready to do some Spring fishing or just need to get out into the forest after a long winter. "Ice-out" usually occurs before the end of April, and the road is generally passable with a 4wd truck or SUV in early May.  Within a week or two, cars can make it safely down the six-mile long dirt/gravel road. Conditions vary each year and it is best to call or email us for the current condition of the six-mile long dirt/gravel road during early May. Our Spring season lasts until July 4, after which our "Summer Vacation Weeks" begin.

Since the Last Resort cove is on the shallow end of Long Pond (9 miles long), the water temperature will rise more quickly near our camps than where the water is deeper, and Brook Trout, Salmon and Small Mouth Bass usually become active sooner closer to the camps. Long Pond has a naturally reproducing population of native Brook Trout which has been supplemented by the stocking of an additional 3-4,000 trout in recent years. Although it is always a fisherman's challenge to find the fish, many of our fishermen and women have found their efforts to be well-rewarded. The limit of Brook Trout per day is two per person. The limit of Salmon is one. There is no limit on Bass and they can be line-breakers.

In addition to the fishing opportunities in Long Pond, there is stream fishing in Upper Churchill Stream, bordering The Last Resort. All streams in the area have a 5 fish limit for brook trout. There are also approximately 60 ponds, lakes, rivers and streams available for fishing in the Jackman area.

Spring is a wonderful time to observe the changes in nature--the leaves come out in late May and there is an explosion of green in early June. May is the time for those long, bugless walks in the woods, marveling at the loud and varied warbling of the songbirds while at the same time being filled with a sense of solitude. Birds of all kinds are nesting, baby animals are making their appearance, wildflowers are bursting forth, and the insect world comes alive in early June. Nights are filled with the sounds of loons, spring peepers, black ducks laughing, and the occasional hooting of an owl.

Black Fly season is normally during the first two weeks of June, which is also when the fishing is best. This is when those screened-in porches come in handy in-between fishing expeditions. Mid through late-May is a great time to enjoy the fishing opportunities without the bugs.

During early-May to mid-June, moose may be visible along Route 201, north of Jackman, and Route 15, east of Jackman during the early morning and late evening hours. This is also the time when moose are walking the woods roads, foraging for newly emerging leaves. By late June, moose are occasionally visible from your cabin porch. Early risers have the best chance of seeing moose by hopping into a canoe and quietly paddling toward the moose before the mist rises from the lake.

$25/person/night; $12.50 under 18 w/adult; under 6 yrs FREE ($37.50
/nt. min. per cabin; Ledge & Tanner cabins: $65/nt. min. per cabin).

* Canoe, kayak or row boat - $60/wk; $15/day; $3/hr; For guaranteed availability, please reserve when reserving cabin.

* Privately owned boats (approx 14' with 10 hp motor), canoes & kayaks may be launched at our beach (Maine requires all motor boats to have $20 decal attached). We do not provide dock space; we encourage larger or faster water-craft to enjoy more appropriate waters. Please do not even think about launching jet skis at The Last Resort. You are welcome to bring your own motor (gas or electric) and rent a 14' row boat to put it on. You are also welcome to bring your own canoes and kayaks.

Please see our Rates page for current tax rates.


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