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Over the years, we have found that guests usually have specific questions that they would like to have answered in order to help them to decide on the right place to go for their hunting trip. We'll try to answer those questions with the following "bullets":

bullet We have 8 log cabins and a lodge (for eating and relaxing) on the north shore of Long Pond, 6 miles east of Jackman; the cabins are heated with gas heaters. They are equipped with gas refrigerators, gas stoves, sinks, utensils, bedding (most of our hunters bring sleeping bags), gas lights, 5-gallon spigot jugs for spring water (filled at the shower house), and private out-houses. The lodge has part-time, generator-supplied electricity and is open around-the-clock for guests to relax in or shoot a game of pool; it is also where our “Modified American Plan” (evening meal plus bag lunches) guests eat their suppers. There are also several places in town to buy meals, as well as sandwiches, pizza and bakery specialties to go. We also have a heated showerhouse with three individual shower rooms available 24 hours a day.

bullet The weather in Jackman tends to be quite unpredictable and will be a factor in your hunt. Whether or not you get a deer will depend on your skill, your luck and the weather. We have found that success rates go up dramatically during weeks that hunters are able to spend every daylight hour hunting.

bullet Our hunters have been successful using a variety of calibers,including 30-06, 308, 270, 243, 30-30 and slugs.

bullet Our largest bucks during the last few years have been 8 pointers, one 220 lbs and the other 250 lbs. A good week for us has 2-3 deer on the pole with one over 180 lbs. A great week for us has 4 deer on the pole with one over 200 lbs. Not all weeks are good or great.

bullet Each week of the rifle season has its own advantage and the biologists report that each of the weeks usually results in the same number of deer harvested. The first week has better odds of warmer weather and the deer have not seen any hunters (many deer in the Jackman area have NEVER seen a hunter); the second and third weeks of November usually encompass the rut; and the third and fourth weeks are almost sure to have tracking snow. It is not unusual for it to snow from mid-October on in the Jackman area.

bullet The buck-doe ratio is about 50:50; the deer herd is managed for six per square mile; there are probably 3 or 4 times that many deer in some states to our south, such as NJ; our success rates are between 10 and 25%, depending on the variables mentioned above (skill, luck & weather).

bullet The hunting terrain varies from hardwood and softwood mountains to boggy cedar swamps and blow-downs. There are some oak trees about a mile away and the area is dotted with clusters of beech trees for mast. Most shots are taken at less than 50 yards and most hunters describe the area as "very thick". Most of our deer are taken within five miles of camp.

bullet Stand hunters bring their own portable stands and set them up after doing some scouting.

*We have cut several trails through the woods and give you a map when you arrive. Most of the deer taken at The Last Resort are taken while still (very) hunting on the ground.

bullet For free, you will be "guide assisted." This is a fancy phrase which means that we are going to do everything we can to help you to be successful. We brief each group of hunters on the best places/methods to hunt depending on their preferences and experience. Most hunters that are willing to go into the forest a bit (let's say 1/2 mile) and patiently wait for the deer to come to them are going to be rewarded for their effort.

bullet Archery hunting in October can be a special treat in the Jackman area due to the lack of pressure, warmer weather and autumn beauty. You might also want to bring a shotgun for some mid-day partridge hunting.

bullet Jackman is about 3.5 hours from Portland, Maine, where you can fly into and rent a vehicle. It's about 5.5 hours from Boston, Mass and 7 hours from Hartford, Conn.

bullet Access to the main camps is via a 6 mile long dirt/gravel road; a 4wd is generally necessary during November and it's a good idea to have a set of heavy duty chains. A new bridge over Upper Churchill Stream now allows pickup trucks to cross the stream. In the past, crossing was done by foot or ATV. This bridge has opened up a huge new area of hunting for our guests.

All prices are based on a 6 night stay, with you arriving on Sunday afternoon and departing on Saturday morning (our standard hunter/week). We can accomodate a limited number of hunters arriving sooner than Sunday or leaving later than Saturday; please let us know if you are interested in a longer than normal stay. 

2020 Prices: November 1 thru November 20 (nights of)


COZY CABIN: lakefront, 1 dbl - $300 per cabin
LOON & PINE CABINS: lakefront, 1 dbl bed, 1 bunk-$300
per cabin

LEDGE CABIN: lakefront, part. bdrm., 1 dbl, 2 bunks, 1 single - $450 per cabin
TANNER CABIN: lakefront, 2 dbls (bunk), 1 bunk, cold running water - $450 per cabin
DUCK & MOOSE CABINS: lakefront, part. bdrm., 1 dbl, 1 bunk, 1 single - $350 per cabin
BEAR CABIN: lakefront, set back, part. bdrm., 1 dbl, 1 bunk, 1 single - $375 per cabin

*extra Saturday on either side of standard hunting week is 1/6 weekly rate.
* Modified American Plan (evening meals (Sun-Fri) plus bag lunches (Mon-Fri)) - $144/person for the 6 day week (does not include cabin).  Meal plan deposit is $75 per person.

Please see our Rates page for current tax rates.

Big game (deer, bear, coyote & small game): Archery - $74; Rifle - $114; November late-season bear permit for non-residents: $40.

Applicants for an adult hunting license must show proof of having previously held an adult license to hunt with firearms (or archery if for an archery license) in any year beginning with 1976 or successful completion of an approved hunter safety course.  Residents must provide proof of residency when applying for a license. Please add $2 agent fee per license.

  • 2020 seasons: Deer, Bow: Oct. 3 - Oct. 30; Deer, Rifle: Nov. 2 - Nov. 28, with Oct. 31 Maine Residents only; Small game (rabbit & ruffed grouse) starts on Sept. 26 and continues through deer season.
  • Check-in: 1:00PM; check-out: 10:00AM Note: since most parties arrive on Sunday and depart on Saturday, we are usually able to be flexible with the check-in and check-out times. Please ask in advance for exceptions, and we will do our best to accommodate your specific needs. If your cabin is available, we would prefer that you arrive early on Sunday so that you can spend your afternoon scouting.
  • Please bring your own personal shower gear: soap, shampoo & towels. Some people like to supplement the cabin lighting with their own lanterns (the new LED and fluorescent ones are great!).

  • A 30% deposit is required; phone reservations will be held for 10 days pending receipt of deposit. Deposit will be refunded (less a $20 fee) with a 90 day cancellation notice. No refund for late arrival or early departure. Visa, MC & Discover cards accepted.

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