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How long have you owned the Last Resort?
We have owned and operated The Last Resort since the Spring of 1987.

How far away is Jackman?
Springfield, MA - 7 hours
Boston, MA - 5.5 hours
Maine/New Hampshire border - 4 hours
Portland/Freeport, Maine area - 3.5 hours
Augusta, Maine - 2.3 hours
Waterville, Maine - 2 hours
Skowhegan, Maine - 1.5 hours
Bingham - 1 hour
The Forks - 30 minutes
Quebec City, Quebec - 2 hours

What are the bugs like?
There are no bugs during most of the month of May. The blackflies/mosquitoes are usually right on time, give or take a few days, at the very end of May. They get progressively worse every day for a week to ten days, and then get progressively less thereafter. Blackflies are usually gone by the third week of June. The severity and duration depends on temperature and rainfall during each particular spring. Mosquitoes are at their worst for about an hour after sun-up when things start warming up and for about an hour right before sun-down. Late June is their "peak season." We recently added screened-in porches to most of our cabins for the bug season.

How far into the woods are you?
It takes about 20 minutes to drive out the 6 mile road to town. Trucks, of course, do the road the best and fastest, but as long as you take your time, you should have no problem.

How do we get water?
Our spring water is state-tested and approved yearly. The cabins are equipped with 5-gallon Reliance spigot jugs for easy filling and dispensing. Just place them on the counter beside the sink and pretend you have running water!

Do you have refrigerators, and how do they work?
Our refrigerators run by propane gas.
They vary in size and capacity, and have a small freezer section. It's a good idea to bring a cooler/ice chest with you also, if you are with us during the summer months. If we get any hot/humid weather, the refrigerators don't hold the cold as well as electric refrigerators do.

Do you have electricity?
Electricity is provided by a generator which is run from dusk until 10:00 each evening.  The generator output is limited and the primary goal is to provide some low wattage lighting in the cabins during the evening.  We have also recently installed outlets in the cabins in order to provide the means to conveniently re-charge cell-phone and camera batteries.  Please do not bring electrical devices which generate heat, such as electric coffee-makers, hair dryers or hot-plates; they are very high users of electricity and would probably trip the circuit breakers, causing all of the cabins to be without electricity.  Each cabin has a gas lamp for after-hours lighting and it is a good idea to bring along an LED lantern if you like to have a light which you can move.  Many LED lanterns are now rechargeable and can be plugged in while the electricity is on.

Do you have quiet hours?  
Yes.  Quiet hours, in the traditional sense, are from 10:00PM to 9:00AM.  During the day, we ask that everyone respect the fact that your fellow guests are here to enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.  Please keep the volume down on any portable radios and cd/tape players and please take any loud and/or group activities to our back playing field where there are horseshoes and a variety of sport balls.  It is a great place to "whoop-it-up" without disturbing your neighbors.

When should we arrive?
You should arrive at least one hour before sunset in order to give yourself time to safely transfer your luggage/supplies from your vehicle to your cabin. The ground is uneven, with plenty of rocks and roots to trip on, and there are plenty of branches to poke you in the eye if you don't know your way around. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are going to arrive after sunset, please call us to let us know. Please also be aware that most cell phones are blacked out between Skowhegan and Jackman, although they work great at The Last Resort because we have a line of sight to a cell tower. Lights go out at 10:00 PM and most folks go to sleep at that time. If you arrive after 10:00, we'll see you in our dreams and welcome you in the morning.

How can I get a hunting/fishing license?
Information on fishing & hunting seasons, license fees, and the ability to buy a license on the net is available at:
http://www.maine.gov/ifw/. For your convenience, we do sell licenses at the lodge.  You must show a prior hunting license, from any state, in order for us to sell a hunting license to you.

Are ATVs allowed in the Jackman area?
Yes, Jackman has a trail club north of town named the Border Riders Club, which maintains trails and publishes maps of the designated trails in the area.  ATVs must be registered in Maine in order to be used in Maine.  Registration can be done at the Maine State website above.

Do you sell supplies?
Although we have some fishing & hunting supplies at our small store in the Lodge, there is more of a selection at Bishop's store and Jackman Hardware, both on the left side of Main Street as you pass through town on the way in.

Do cell phones work at The Last Resort?
Despite the fact that cell phone coverage is weak in most areas within 50 miles of Jackman, we have a line of site to a cell tower at The Last Resort, and some cell phones--including Internet access with smart phones and air cards--work well from the camps. Verizon & US Cellular seem to work best.   

Moose seem awfully large. What do they eat?
Moose eat vegetation.

Links --

State of Maine website:  http://www.state.me.us/ifw/

Bishop's Store, Jackman:  http://www.bishopsstore.com

Northern Forest Canoe Trail:  http://www.northernforestcanoetrail.org/
    NFCT offers maps, books, and web-based tools to help you connect to the 740-mile route that traces a fascinating  history from early Native Americans through European settlers. The Last Resort is on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

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